I want to help you (and 999,999 other people):

  • Repair Your Credit

    Repair Your Credit

    Learn how to analyze and fix your credit.

  • Create Your Budget

    Create Your Budget

    Create a budget that's only as restrictive as you want so you'll be sure to stick to it.

  • Save $1,000

    Save $1,000

    Reduce Expenses and Earn More Money so You Save $1,000 Fast!

  • Dump Your Debt

    Dump Your Debt

    Get out of debt by following an aggressive approach or a conservative approach. Either way, you'll pay off your debt for good.

  • Build Your Wealth

    Build Your Wealth

    Learn the quickest and easiest way to start investing for your future.

How will I Help You (and 999,999 other people) with Your Money?

I will answer any of your questions about personal finance, until I reach a goal of 100,000 people helped by the end of 2016. Ask any question about money by using the news feed or sending a personal message to this page. To the extent that it is possible, I will share my answer. If I don’t have an immediate answer, I’ll research the answer until I find you a solution.

Why am I doing this?

1) I am now experiencing financial psychological freedom and I want every one who wants to get here to share in this feeling.

At the age of 34 I became debt free with the exception of my mortgage. Now, my hardest financial decisions are whether to buy something or contribute more to my investments.

2) I believe that knowledge should be shared.

How does MY financial psychological freedom help YOU if I don’t share with you the steps to my success?

We are all great at something, and when we share our knowledge with others who need the information, we help them move closer to their goals. The more people who reach their goals, the fewer people we have stressed in the world. I want to minimize the financial stress in the world by teaching people that with knowledge, discipline, determination, and action, they too can eventually reach their financial goals.

What makes me the best person to help 100,000 people?

Absolutely nothing. In fact, I’m likely not the best person.

I have no formal qualifications in the personal finance profession. I am not a Certified Financial Advisor, Money Coach, Financial Coach, or anything that remotely describes these professions. I also do not hold any such designations.

However, over the past 18 years, I’ve experienced with what you may experience every day. I grew up poor in the city of Detroit, MI; I was raised by a single mother; I served in the military; I had credit card debt; I experienced credit card fraud, I had student loan debt; I bought a house during the 2008 financial crisis; I became divorced and then a single father; I had many auto loans; I’ve had rental properties; I flipped real estate; I refinanced mortgages; I refinanced auto loans; I had a sub-700 credit score that I later built to over 800; I made money from several online ventures over the years (although not enough to remotely be considered a huge success); I saved over six figures in investment accounts; written two books on the subject of personal finance (even though they are not best sellers by any means) and much more. At this point in my life, there is pretty much nothing more to do but to continue with smart financial decisions: stay out of serious debt, save, and invest. So, my next step is to help others.

Although no one can ever replicate another person’s success exactly, they can learn from them. It is my intent to share what I can.

One should always seek the advice from a professional, but sometimes this can become a huge barrier. Professionals charge money and make a living from giving advice, and not all professionals have your best interests at heart. I want to remove these barriers as much as I can.

How will I know when I helped 100,00 people?

I will measure this by the number of likes on this page.

Helping people can be actively or passively accomplished. If I answer a direct question, that is actively helping someone. If their friends can read it, or if they share the information with others, that is passively helping someone.

Additionally, when I share content in the news feed, this helps people as well.

And even if I only help 1 person, that is 1 less person with a financial problem.

What happens when I reach this goal?

100,000 people will have had help with their personal finance questions.

I guess…that’s it.

If I have the bandwidth to help more people, I’ll push the goal to 200,000.

Maybe more.

So, how can YOU help?

I’m glad you asked.

Simply ask your questions, consume the content, and share my Facebook page with any one whom you may think needs or wants answers to their financial questions.

That’s it. To your continued success!

Thanks for reading.


Romeo Jeremiah

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