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I'm a personal finance author and professional web developer who loves building awesome things for the web.

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About Me

I'm a husband, father, and a military veteran who served for more than 20 years in the United States Navy. I was a Radioman for 7 years, a Submarine Officer for 6 years, and finished my career in Human Resources. I also authored two personal finance books, the last of which, The Wealth Number, helped me pursue the current skillset that I love.

I've been building front-end content and projects on the Internet using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript since 2011. I also have back-end application development experience using Node, SQL, and MongoDB. My preferred development stack is MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node).

A few of my favorite television shows were Mr. Robot, Silicon Valley, The Wire, and Breaking Bad. Now I enjoy Shark Tank and Better Call Saul.

When I'm not working on web projects, you can usually find me learning new technologies via online courses, reading marketing books, or watching business content on YouTube.


Here are a few projects I've created:

How I Build Great Websites


I ask you who your website is for, talk through your business and user goals, and get a understanding of your website's target audience.



I plan and gather your website's content, plan out your sitemap, and plan sections of the website based on the message you want to convey to your audience.



I think about the website components your site may need, get inspiration for the design and sketch out ideas to get them out of my head. This is an iterative process that welcomes your feedback.


Design and Build

I implement the design and build of your website using web technologies, based on your company's branding and the website personality that you want to convey.


Test and Optimize

I make sure your website works well in all major browsers, test your website on mobile devices, optimize images, test for accessibility, and check your site's performance.



Time to share your masterpiece with the world! I help you upload your website on the web and if it's your first time launching, I even help you pick out a great domain name.


Maintain and Update

Launching is not the end. If we continue to work together, I keep the website content updated over time, install analytics software, and optimize your website for search engines.


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